Wednesday, March 28, 2012

John's 4!

John turned 4! WOW! He was so excited about his birthday, it was adorable. As is he.

Annie got all dressed up to wish him a happy day and blow him kisses through the window as mommy and Johnny headed off to preschool.
John picked pancakes as the snack at school, and his awesome teacher busily prepared the feast. I got to read Jamberry to John's class (his pick) and eat some yummy pancakes, too.
In true modern day fashion, we had birthday cupcakes at home complete by Face Time with Auntie so she could be part of the singing and eating while in New York.

And to top it all off, John said next year he wants both mom AND dad to go to preschool for his birthday. My heart melted :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Annie's 2!

My baby girl is 2. Does that make her not a baby anymore? Not sure. I still call John my baby...and he corrects me with, "I'm not a baby! I'm a big brother!" I told him when he's 83 he'll still be my baby.

Birth Day

Annie's Turns 1!

Baby Girl is 2!!

She's amazing. Any only 2. I can't believe how grown up she is...she makes her own decisions (and is sure to let us know when we're not cooperating with them), picks her own clothes, and likes to lounge around in her bed. And how sweet she is...a laugh you want to take with you everywhere, facial expressions that you can't help but melt to, and so many kisses and hugs to give. And how tough she is...John better watch out. And so better anyone that crosses him.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First Time's the Charm

Bath night in our house has morphed into an amazing display of ginormous bubbles, swimming kids complete with goggles, and maybe a bit of washing.
And last night we got to do it twice.

First Time
Happy kiddos!
Swimming! Goggles! Splashing!
Out of the bath...
Bedtime lotion. Favorite monkey jammies for both.
Ready for books.

But then...
I drained the overly-bubbled bath.
And there was a POOP.
A POOP. IN THE BATH. Which means basically the kids had been playing in the toilet.

Second Time
Confused kiddos.
No bubbles.
No swimming. No goggles. No splashing.
Out of the bath...
Crying, overtired (but squeaky clean) kids. No more favorite (now poop-infested) monkey jammies.

Oh, you poop.