Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Boogers are sticky.


For those of you who don't live in the snow, but have visited snowy places and think you understand what snow is all about, you don't. You have to really live in it to truly "appreciate" it. You have to shovel it. And wake up to more of it. And get stuck knee-deep in it while you're trying to get to your car. While holding a baby. And have the city plow actually plow you IN to your driveway. And wear the same boots for 4+ months because they already have salt crusted onto them and you don't want to ruin another pair. And you simply must curse the entire notion of black ice (and if you don't know what black ice is, you REALLY don't understand).

And then it's just gone. Poof.

Here's John 2 weeks ago...
And here's John last weekend...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Soaking socks

As you may have heard, we've had some snow here in Chicago. And by "some snow" I mean the 3rd largest snow storm in Chicago weather history (thank you, Tom Skilling, for keeping my facts straight!)

So, Saturday John and I ventured out for a SNOW ADVENTURE!! It started with getting on our snow gear.

John: Snow pants, jacket, hat, scarf, mittens, boots. Adorable.
Mom: Jacket, gloves, scarf, boots.

And off we went, into our backyard. John was super excited...until he sunk. About thigh deep. And was stuck. We tried to build a snowman...but John was not having any fun at all since he couldn't even fall into the snow being that he was already trapped by it.

I was not going to let this ruin our snow adventure. So off we went on Plan B -- a trip to go sledding! We got the sled, loaded John into it, and set off through the public garden that borders our house to get to the park. I was pulling that sled with all my might. The snow had not yet been walked on (since we were in the garden that sane people don't go in during the winter). So the sled turned into a plow and I was literally pulling pounds and pounds of snow, trying to convince John this actually was fun. At this point, I did not need my snow gear. Tempted to leave most of it in the garden. Luckily, the sled suddenly was easier to pull. Unluckily, I turned to look back...and John was a bundle of blue lying on the snow (again stuck). We capsized twice.

After about 20 min, we made it to the park (which is 1 block away). Decided to not attempt sledding (finally realized the snow was NOT going to cooperated), and instead John played with 2 kids who were filling the slides up with snow and crashing through it on their way down. FUN. Good. Not a total loss. Then we tried swinging. In the baby-type swing with the leg holes. Fun, until John got stuck (please re-read the list of what he was wearing...not hard to figure out putting him in the baby swing was a bad idea). Had to take off his boots to get him out. So there we were, all bundled up, in the snow. Without boots. Awesome.

Time to go home.

John (again wearing his boots) splashed in puddles the whole way -- loved it! We got home, took off his boots, and apparently they are NOT water proof...oh my...SOAKING wet socks.

Yes. So I had my 3 year old out in the snow, got him stuck there, took off his boots and soaked his socks.

Today he has a fever of 100+. I know things like germs really cause illness. But I still am a total and complete loser.

My solution? Retail therapy. Just bought this for Annie:
Sunshine. Bring it.