Monday, May 23, 2011

Update on Annie

Thanks for all of the well-wishes for Annie girl!!
She has decided she is on an apple sauce and smashed banana diet. In the past 3 days she has eaten 1 jar + 6 individual cups of apple sauce and 9 bananas. And she's made it clear that you better be ready with her food NOW.

As for my dad, he's doing well...but I'm pretty sure his wife is trying to kill him. Mixing up his pain pills with her antibiotics and such. Good thing his surgeon likes us.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hospital Relay Race

Sunday: Annie puked at Aunt Moira's house (sorry about the rug!).

Monday: Annie woke up covered in vomit. Her bed was crusted over. Gave her a bath, scrubbed her down, and she still smelled like puke. After puking all day (sorry Eugenia...) and not peeing for 6 hours, I took her to the ER. They gave her anti-vomit meds. Some Pedialyte. Asked if she was usually so no, but usually she hasn't been puking all day and it's not 10pm. So they sent us home.

Tuesday: Cindy was at our house (sleeping there since Annie and I were at the hospital) and had to leave at 5am to get down to U of C Hospital for our dad's pacemaker replacement surgery. I went to U of C at about 10am, spent the day, and got home right after Annie had puked again. Our dad's surgery ended up taking 13 hours. That's what happens when you get an infection and let it fester for 6 months...

Wednesday: Annie decided she liked this hospital-relay-race, and wanted to expand it to include more hospitals. So she puked. Twice. And off to Children's Memorial we went. Her blood sugar was too low (53). Her bicarbonate was too low (16.6). So they needed to give her and IV and get her to drink juice. Giving her the IV was a fucking nightmare. The ER nurses wrapped her up like a burrito with 1 arm sticking out, and repeatedly tried to get the IV into her arm or hand. Two nurses tried. After 3 attempts, and Annie screaming and crying (mind you, these are the ER nurses at CHILDREN'S...WTF??) I stepped between the nurses and Annie and picked her up and then we both cried. The nurses left. The doctor came back in, said Annie really needs the IV, and called the special IV team. NOTE TO ALL PARENTS: ASK TO START WITH THE IV TEAM! They came with toys, and something to light up her veins, and they sang, and let me hold Annie while they got the IV in -- after only 1 attempt.
So she got her saline, and managed to drink some juice from a syringe between long naps.
Blood sugar went up to 80, and we were allowed to leave.

Thursday: Morning puke. Visit to the doctor. Doc said Annie was mostly likely feeling like she was hit by a truck, but that she seemed on the mend. Then at dinner, she ate! And smiled! Such a nice thing to see! She had energy for about 15 minutes. This was her first time holding up her head to look around since MONDAY!

Friday: Fingers crossed....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Everyone has personal issues. Family stuff to deal with. Crap at work. Whatever. And those days when you know there's a pile of poop just waiting for you to step in or shovel are super frustrating. I'm a doer. Something needs to be taken care of? Let's get it done. Now. I hate waiting. And when I have no control over what has to get done, it drives me nuts.

Speaking of driving...and to shamelessly use some ridiculously cute pictures of Annie to make my sister and me smile (since I know she reads this and my pile of poop is her pile of poop...)

Luckily, my sister usually travels with poop bags.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


If you'd like the autograph of a future Olympic gymnast, please submit your request. As soon as she learns to write, she'll send it.
No pressure, Annie.