Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The answers, my friend,...

Are blowing in the wind...

Or maybe they're buried in the cotton candy.

Either way, we'll find them.  

Monday, August 19, 2013

Times they are a'changing'''

So many changes...
Long story short.  I am a single mom.  Done.

My kiddos and I moved last week to our new fantastically wonderful home and we are all super excited! The house needed some work...starting with the foundation and moving all the way to the roof, and stopping at several points in between.
The foundation work...I drank wine
But it's (mostly) done and the kids have rooms they love as do I.  It's a great, cozy, warm home which we are filling with love and happiness.
Johns outer space/Lego room
Annie's princess/tomboy room
So, with all of the changes, what better thing to do than to get a dog?  Yep.  We adopted a 2 year old Lab-mix named Oreo.
Oreo -- the trouble maker!
John is super excited to have another boy in the house (he is overrun by Annie, Auntie, Eugenia, Gobi, our baby sitters, family, me...).  And we are all learning about each other and adjusting accordingly.

Our newest rule -- DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!

Last night, John was missing his Moose. I needed to find Moosey before bedtime, and John thought he was in the car.  I went out to check, closing the door behind me.  John found Moosey in the house, opened the door to tell me, and out shot Oreo.  Full speed.  And he's not slow.  Luckily our lovely new home is on a quite dead end street.  There I was, chasing Oreo.  Through sprinklers.  Calling him.  Trying to sound authoritative.  Oreo was busy running away from me, playing chase.  He managed to run in front of the only car driving within 1000 feet our of street.  Luckily the driver noticed him...or me screaming NO!  OREO!! and stopped.  The chase continued.  Then I heard John running behind me.  In his jammies and bare feet.  Trying to help.  So upset he'd opened the door.  And Annie was standing in the driveway calling "MOM??!!!!?  What's happening??" Yes!  Welcome to the neighborhood!  We are the new family on the block!  Awesome.

Well, all's well that ends well...I caught Oreo.  Or he stopped.  I got the kids back inside.  I had a long talk with John and told him it was just a mistake and we've all now learned we do not open the door even a tiny bit.  

And through it all, we've keep our sense of humor...mostly...we are for sure a strong little group.