Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Popping the bubble

As a mom, my job is to protect my kids. Keep them safe. Make sure they don't run into the street, or go in the snow with bare feet, or stick things into electrical sockets.

Or eat things that could hurt them.

This last one is the culprit of serious stress. For months and years you take care to be sure their food is cut small enough. And is soft enough. And cooked through enough. And that they don't eat anything they are allergic to...if they are allergic. And how do you find out if they are allergic? Well, you give them whatever the "test" food is and wait and see. Seriously. WTF. Hate it. Wait and see?

This morning was a big test for Annie -- Peanut butter. So after 10 months of protecting our daughter from everything, we handed her something that could cause her serious harm and basically sat and waited to see what would happen. And she gobbled it up...just like her mama. Thank goodness. No reaction.

I am completely serious that I think kids should try these potentially serious allergens at the doctor's office for the first time. What would we really have done if there had been a reaction? Thrown her in the car (sans car seat in this case since I wouldn't be able to snap those straps with my shaking hands) and frantically driven to the hospital? Called 911 and hoped they arrived in time? Hate to think about it. Really hate to.

Also, peanuts are not nuts (they're legumes). So we still have the nut allergy to contend with. Maybe next year.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Second Kid

The second kid gets shafted. Completely. I was just looking back through my blog, and saw I didn't post anything about Thanksgiving. It was Annie's first turkey day, so I should have photos...right? Well, no. Luckily Auntie took a few and posted them to Facebook. With John, I had an entire Snapfish update for the holiday.
Now people are asking what the kids are getting for Christmas. John's got an entire list. Annie...well...her list consists of things like "dishes my brother hasn't slobbered on"...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good boy. This year, I would really love a new guitar (since I played mine so much that it broke into pieces), a play kitchen (like the ones at school and that my cousins have), some trucks to dig in the dirt, and a vacuum.
Also, my sister has been pretty good. You could bring her something, too. But she always steals my toys, so please bring her something good that I can "share."


Thursday, December 2, 2010

At Work

I don't know how working moms survived before cell phones. Honestly. I communicate with my nanny constantly.

How are the kids?
How's the coughing?
Any poops?
Did they nap well?
How was class?

And the quick, easy pictures she sends to me help so much.

Class was good...Johnny loves jumping into the pit...
All good. Making Jell-O Jigglers!

No poops, but she's happy.