Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flight IN CAPS

Goodness gracious.

Took Annie on a trip. She's a CHAMP and even managed to win over the SUPER stick in the mud businessman sitting next to us on the return trip who didn't even ACKNOWLEDGE Annie until we which point he turned to her and said, "Annie, I'll sit next to you anytime." (and yes, I did nurse next to him). Not hard to believe she got to him -- I mean look at this lady!
BUT I AM NOT HAPPY WITH UNITED (or maybe airlines in general) for three reasons:
1. Why do you no longer let people with small children pre-board? Do you think somehow babies now take less time to get organized? Do you think moms are less frazzled today? Let me tell you -- we are not. I promise.

2. What is the deal with keeping the *potential* need for an INF boarding pass a secret? say a baby can sit on a parent's lap until they are 1 and do not need a ticket...but you leave out that they may need a BOARDING PASS to get through security?? Come on. (But this one is tricky since only 1 of the 2 TSA people asked me for consistency.)

3. THIS IS THE BIG ONE -- WTF is UP with removing the CHANGING TABLES from the airplanes??? You realize this leaves the very gross options of (1) changing the baby at the seat and ignoring the fact that you are COMPLETELY invading the air space of the person next to you, (2) changing the baby on the floor next to the bathroom and hoping no one steps on you/her, (3) changing the baby on the closed SUPER stanky toilet seat and HOPING she doesn't touch ANYTHING or fall on the floor, or (4) letting her sit in poop.

I opted for #3. Happy to report Annie survived. Sad to say Tigger got stranger pee on him.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Candy and coffee

Halloween was a great success :) Except for the fact that Tom was sent to Korea and had to leave Halloween morning at 4am, so he missed all the fun. He was really bummed to miss Annie's first Halloween, and to be part of all the trick or treating festivities. But, we did send him pictures and have LOADS of candy for him to share in when he gets back.
One of the best part of Halloween was our early morning trip to the fire station. Since Tom was out of town, I wanted to do something special with John and Annie (really more for John). (And honestly, since Tom was out of town and I was solo for the morning, I needed an activity to keep us occupied). John had decided to be a fireman for Halloween (we talked him into fireman...originally he wanted to be a fire engine. After figuring out how to make a fire engine costume -- which would entail him wearing a cardboard box attached to him by suspenders -- we went to plan B.) So on Halloween, we got him into his costume right after breakfast and headed out to the fire station to meet some real firemen! We showed up at the fire station, and the firemen were prepared for us -- it was 8am and they already had a big bowl of candy waiting (I guess preparation is part of being a fireman...). John was SO excited when we got there, and I think the firemen gave him special treatment since he was dressed up so perfectly!!
They let him go in 3 fire trucks, walk on 1, and go in the ambulance (front of the ambulance, mind you), and spray a mini-fire hose (and 1 fireman in the process).
It was PERFECT! On our way back home, John munched a lollipop, Annie snugged, and I stopped for a yummy latte. (Question to Starbucks: Why are you the ONLY store on all of Central Ave that has a step to the front door? Really not helpful for the stroller-rolling crowd, which is pretty much your entire business on weekend mornings.)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Dear Person Who Threw An Egg At Our Window,

I know it was Halloween. But really? I had 10 lbs of candy inside. If you had simply rung the doorbell, you would have been rewarded generously. However, I now am inclined to get finger prints off those egg shells you so nicely left on our window sill.