Monday, February 18, 2013


Recycling is good. Trash is bad. Got it.  Not too hard to grasp.  However, the implementation is a challenge...

I make coffee in the morning.  Don't need a whole pot, but just a cup or 3.  Don't want to waste I use k-cups.  Which create a whole lot of trash.  I wear disposable contact lenses.  Trash.  I have a lot of poop in my life and do not want to deal with it more than I need to which led to disposable diapers.  Trash trash trash.  And pull ups.  Trash.

I tried to rectify this a bit by not using paper plates or cups, and using washable silly straws for the kids.  However, those damn silly straws can't be washed well (can't go in the dishwasher, and the water stays sitting in the loops when you wash them by hand).  I blame them for my kids' lingering cold.  Gross.

So I boiled them.

They looked pretty while the germs were being tortured into oblivion.
They looked basically destroyed after the torture.

And guess what I made?