Friday, July 30, 2010

"Boss" Lady

Dear Silly "Boss" Lady,

You really shouldn't ask my sister to come in to work for a quick meeting with you when she has a vacation day scheduled starting with a date with her nephew. And if you do so, you definitely shouldn't cancel the meeting immediately prior to the start time. By doing things like that, you may just lose the best employee you'd ever hope to have.

Oh wait -- you already did.

The Lil Sis

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear Lady

Dear Lady Walking Down The Street,

It would be really great if, as you walk down the street with your daughter and your grandchild, you put out the joint you're smoking.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back at work...and pacing.

I'm back at work full-time. And it's been a roller coaster so far. I started back on July 1, so last Thursday. On my train ride that morning, I got a message from my dad that he was in the hospital and was getting a pace maker put in immediately. For those of you who know my dad, you know: (1) this could mean he stubbed his toe, (2) this could be very serious, and/or (3) the truth would be completely lost in translation through Stase.

So, my first day back, I turned around and left work and headed to the hospital. My dad was very scared. And it was very serious -- his pulse was 12 when he arrived in the ER, and dropped down to 0...which oddly was lucky because since that happened in the ER, they were able to diagnose the issue right away and get him in for a pace maker without the need for a halter monitor.

The procedure went well and he was released from the hospital the next day. And now I'm trying to decipher what the follow up is supposed to be. Again, for those of you who know my dad, you will not be surprised to know that:

1. He told him they popped his heart out of his chest, hooked up the pace maker, and put his heart back into his chest. When I told him that's not how it was done, but instead the surgeon threaded the leads into his heart, my dad said he had spoken with the doctor and that's what he was told. I asked my dad if he had a big incision down his chest and he said no. I again told him that I spoke with his surgeon and they did not crack his chest open.
2. My dad asked my sister-in-law (an RN) if he'd be able to play racquetball again. She said yes, and then told me she didn't know he played racquetball. He did -- when he was married to my mom, 40 years ago.
3. He has no discharge papers. Claims he didn't get them. I am sure he did and will be calling the hospital so they can send me copies.
4. He told me they didn't give him pain medication prescriptions. I was shocked and asked what they did give him. He said he got 2 prescriptions -- one generic and one brand name for the same drug and insurance wouldn't cover both. I asked if the 2 drugs were indeed pain medications. He said he didn't know. So either he has 2 prescriptions or 0. I'm betting on 2.
5. He says it's really scary to be looking at your pulse monitor and see it drop down to 0. Really? He saw it drop down to 0? Amazing. Most people would pass out.

I'm not trying to make light of this. I know it's serious. I love my dad. But it's really like taking care of another child. But this child is big and I can't pick him up and convince him that the medicine tastes good.

On the flip side, the super mean train conductor recognized me and welcomed me back and asked how my baby is doing (guess he's not that mean after all...)