Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I woke up laughing at 6:30 this morning, listening to John call out "Moominpapa!!"

The Moomins are a set of Finnish characters who actually are a family of trolls that are white and roundish and look like hippopotamuses. They of course live in Moominvalley.

My Aunt Barbara LOVES the Moomins (to the point that she has extended an open offer that if any her nieces or nephews name any of our children "Moomintroll" she will pay for them to go to college. But it must be their legal name and we must call them by it -- no trickery.)

Joanna (John's nanny) grew up watching the Moomins and now she and John watch episodes together on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiZ0eBFTH6k). In one episode, Moomintroll wakes up mid-winter and calls out for Moominpapa.

So there was John this morning, calling out for Moominpapa! So funny...MoominPAPA! MOOminPAPA! MOOMINpapa!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Child Safety

We try to be safe. Done all the usual "child proofing" things like baby gates at the tops and bottoms of stairs, foam covering for the edges and corners of hard tables, keep small items out of the reach of little hands, put outlet covers on everywhere. It's this final one that that had a small backfire last night/this morning.

Last night, John was playing with a package of outlet covers. They are perfect safe to play with. He was shaking them around and dumping them out of the package and then we were putting them back in and he'd dump them again. He held onto that package and was playing with them while I was getting him in his jammies, and I told him when I laid him down they were all going to fall out on him. They did. No big deal -- just put them back in the package again, got John into his sacko, and he was off and running and played a bit more before book time.

Then we did our usual book time in the glider, he drank his milk, and went to bed. Usual night.
Then this morning he woke up a bit earlier than normal these days (like 6:15am) and was crying. Tom went to get him and they did their usual routine of John getting his diaper changed (he stays in his jammies til after breakfast), got some milk and went downstairs to watch a Curious George and play.

Our nanny came, fed him breakfast, John went potty, continued to play...all the usual stuff.

Then our nanny took John upstairs to get him dressed and when they came back down she told me John had somehow gotten an outlet cover inside each of his jammie feet! Now, that means he had them in there when he was playing last night, when we had book time, while he slept, explains the waking up early and crying (OUCH!), means he had them in there through a diaper change, breakfast, potty time, playing...

I think everyone knows what an outlet cover looks like, but just in case:
Somehow I managed to take child-proofing a bit too far. Oh I felt so guilty!! Poor little guy!! At least I didn't somehow manage to strap a safety gate into his diaper.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Potty time!

I just couldn't resist...HOW CUTE IS THIS PICTURE???? Such a big boy :)
(Apologies to John)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What color are your boogers?

John gave me his cold. Pretty sure this is the cause:
Were you just sucking on this? Yum!

And of course being the energetic, resilient boy that he is, this cold has not affected him really at all...nothing slows this boy down.
But it is kicking my ass. It won't go away. It's hunkered down in my nose, throat and chest and continues to produce the stickiest and most annoying gunk. Gunk which I had to describe in detail to my OB/GYN so she could be sure I didn't need antibiotics. Which pregnant women aren't supposed to take...along with pretty much all other drugs to help the mama feel better. I'm down to throat lozenges and Benadryl at night, but only if I can't sleep due to too much coughing. So tonight it's Benadryl.

On the happier side of this cold, there is a great Curious George episode about a germ named Toots who is making George sick. Toots sings and plays guitar, and really is quite a fun guy to watch, so John and I cuddle in front of the TV with our booger-crusted noses and watch Toots and swing our feet and feel a little better.

The Inside Story - George doesn't feel so well. He's sneezing and can't taste Chef Pisghetti's sauce. He learns that he has a germ inside that's given him a cold. George wishes he could make the germ go away so he could feel better. Gnocchi curls up with George and they both go to sleep. In his dream, George wakes up inside himself, with Gnocchi at his side. They are facing that pesky germ - the bluesy, singing Toots and his Germettes, who have set up camp inside George. George wants them to leave, but they are having a wonderful time and never want to go! George and Gnocchi chase Toots through George's body (nose, stomach and lungs) in an effort to evict him. Will they succeed? And if so, how?
BTW -- Curious George is produced by Ron Howard and William H. Macy was the narrator for the first season...not too shabby.