Friday, April 20, 2012

Gobi Girl

My kids have fully adopted Auntie's dog, Gobi. Annie won't go upstairs without her, and needs to be sure Gobi gets extra hugs hourly.
And John's just a lover.
Gobi's quite tolerant of it all :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Mouse!

Take 2 kids (the cuter, the better), add 2 parents, 2 shuttle trams, 2 airplanes, 2 grandparents, and 2 Disney Parks, and you get a summer family vacation!!!! Add layers of 60+ SPF and you get our family vacation :)

John was SO excited to see Maka and Papa and also to go to Disney. And for the airplane. And for the books he was going to read on the airplane. And to take the shuttle tram at the airport (it's in his train book).

Annie was happy to go along for whatever...happy until we landed in Florida and a storm rolled in. We were stuck on the tarmac for an hour (at our gate, but on the plane). She entertained the passengers by literally standing on her tray table and screaming "OUT RIGHT NOW!" Luckily she's damn cute. And adapted quickly to the Florida lifestyle.
Our big highlights included swimming at Maka and Papa's, during which John proclaimed, "Wait. Mom. I actually think I can swim!" And he kicked and stroked and realized all those swim lessons lead to something fun!!!! Annie mastered, "Mama, come here," followed by her run and jump into the 6 foot pool. Fearless.

Disney was insane. We got to meet Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Goofy, 3 princesses and the Chipmunks. John LOVED the Buzz Lightyear ride, and he and I got to go on Splash Mountain together (Annie had to sit that one out).
It was all quite exhausting.
John has already requested we repeat this trip every Spring break. And I know Annie will not be satisfied until she gets to see her zebra at Animal Kingdom (all of the zebras were on vacation at the animal lodge). So I guess we're going back....
And next time I'll remember to put the sunscreen on my feet, too.