Tuesday, December 27, 2011


One of the things that I love and hate about the holidays is getting the kids all ready and dressed up for everyone. I love it because they do look so cute (when they cooperate)...but I hate when there's a struggle about the clothes and they just want to be comfy (which I completely relate to!!)

So this holiday season I decided the kids would go in what they wanted to wear...with a bit of guidance from me. And it seems to have worked. John's new thing he's into wearing is ties. Really. And he is so damn cute in those ties, and even started wearing them to preschool (sans the collared shirt, which is a look I am really digging myself).

And Santa must have thought he looked fantastic as well because John got 3 new ties in his stocking!

As for Annie...the girl is into purses, shoes, and jewelry. Not sure how that happened...but she'll put on a shoe fashion show most afternoons (complete with your shoes, if you're visiting). And she'll take your necklace right off your neck (sorry, Auntie).
When it was time to go to our annual ladies' tea, she was all about her purse (which used to be a gift bag until she commandeered it).

Our most recent fashion move was by John who insisted princesses walk in a slow, creepy way.
I agree...a little creepy...but I think he pulls it off well :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh Brother!

Annie's taken to calling John, "Brother." It is so cute, and understandable since so many people in Annie's life go by a non-name names...Mama, Dada, Auntie... This weekend we were sitting around the breakfast table, and Annie called out to each of us:

My reply: Annie!

Tom's reply: Annie!

John's reply: To express his complete love for her by becoming overly concerned that she had enough strawberries, and that I knew she wanted her waffles cut precisely so. (Like her mama, to truly endear yourself to Annie, ensure her tummy is happily filled.)