Monday, July 25, 2011

Fake Annie

As I've said before, I love cop/detective/drama TV shows. But some of the plots can be just too over the top...silly...annoying. I mean, come on, what mom would ever get confused by which kid is actually her kid? Would anyone believe a mom picked up the wrong baby, just by accident? It was my opinion that those writers were just lazy...and should be fired.

Until I saw this...on a website for a vacation place we're considering...and apparently Annie visited previously...
Two things:
1. My apologies to the writers.
2. My future apologies to the girl holding Annie's lookalike. If I ever see you holding this baby, I will take you out at the knees and reclaim my daughter. And then be arrested for kidnapping.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm Margaret

About a month ago, we took John and Annie to see our niece Margaret's ballet recital. She was wonderful and adorable, as all 5 year old ballerinas are. And she inspired John.

John now puts on recitals for us. They start with him behind the curtains in our room. Then we have to open the curtains for him, and he says (proudly): Hello. I'm Margaret and I'm a dancer.

Then we must say: Hi Margaret!

And the show begins. It usually has some bouncing, some very impressive dive-roll somersaults, and lots of twists and turns. If we're lucky, he'll ask me to put a bow in his hair to complete the whole performance.

There are parents who may think letting him pretend he's a girl or putting bows in his hair is somehow gender-bending ala that J. Crew those folks I don't say anything. My beautiful, well adjusted, rock star son speaks for me.

Next showtime is 7am tomorrow.