Thursday, April 22, 2010

Officially tired

Today I am officially tired. Already had 2 cups of coffee and need at least 3 more. We had a rough afternoon/evening/night in the Lydon household yesterday...

1. Put an offer in on a house (yeah!! exciting!! also a bit draining...)
2. Got a call from our nanny that John fell during their walk and they needed to be picked up...
Luckily, it looked worse than it was and he was in good spirits even though he was a wreck.
3. Annie had a reaction to her shots and was SCREAMING for about an hour. Swollen, red sad. Again, luckily all is fine now.
4. Drank wine with my sister for the first time in what I swear has been years...that was nice :)
5. Slept on the couch so as to not have to relocate the sleeping Annie...then got up at 2am to feed her and then 4am to help her get comfortable...and didn't get back to sleep.

So all in all, pretty much a typical day as a mama I guess...and I'm not complaining...just sharing...(and potentially looking for a funny story in return to add some endorphins to my day!!)

And this is my OFFICIAL THANK YOU to my FABULOUS sister for spending the entire week with us while Tom is in New Orleans. Aunt Cindy is a friggin' rock star. Thank you, Lucky Stars.