Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am jumping the gun, I fully admit. But I couldn't help myself. And being super type-A, I had to be prepared.

Here are the outfits John + Lil Lady Lydon will be wearing home from the hospital (handmade by Rachel of Happy Hollis Design --
(Note to anyone who thinks this is bad luck: keep your trap shut!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Poop question...'s a question I think all the mamas can relate to...

It's sneak into your sleeping child's room to check on him before you're off to bed...he's sleeping soundly...all cuddled up and smell poop.

Do you wake him up to change him?

- Healthy for the skin
- Maybe he'll sleep later in the morning
- It's just gross to sleep with poop!

- It is completely indeterminable if he will fall back to sleep easily
- If you wake him up, you may screw up his sleep pattern and he may wake up even earlier (yes, counter-intuitive, but true!)

And the winner is...

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I know there is a very limited time in which I will have control over what John wears and how he looks. And it's slipping away already. He's pretty much mastered the neck-bridge wrestling move (learned that name from his dada) which makes getting him into and out of clothes very challenging. (To see what I mean check this out: and imagine trying to get jammies onto a 20-month-old contorting in this manner).

And I figure if he's dressed, we're good. So when he pulled out the monkey pants from his Halloween costume and wanted to wear them, I was fine with it -- they're warm, he's getting to express his monkey-self, and why not?

So, while I still have my limited control over my boy's appearance, I think he's going to grow out his hair. We just went to get it cut a week ago (at a great place with Elmo videos, bubbles, balloons, lollipops, and prizes!), and I must say that the longer, floppy hair is preferred by the mama.

Here he is with his new shorter hair:

And with the longer, floppy hair (and a guacy face):
He even looks happier in the floppy-haired photo, don't you think? Maybe I like the longer hair because he was such a baldy for the 1st year of his life and I like the contrast.
Or maybe it's because he looks more like his mama with the blond locks. Hmmm...