Wednesday, September 30, 2009


John and I are taking swimming lessons together because that boy needs to learn to swim (doesn't need to become a great swimmer or anything -- just needs to alleviate his mama's fears of him near water). So far he's liking the class enough -- likes throwing the toys into the pool, puts up with the lesson itself, and usually is done about 10 min before class ends. Good enough.

This past weekend as we entered the gym, we were told that the manager had decided that children were no longer allowed into opposite sex locker rooms.

Excuse me? Why?

Because, in the manager's ultimate wisdom, "indecent" things happen in a locker room that the opposite sex shouldn't see. This leads to several questions:
1. Does this manager have any idea where babies come from? John has seen it all -- trust me.
2. Does an 18 month old really have any idea what he is seeing? ...I mean come on.
3. What the heck is going on in that locker room?? Shouldn't that be policed a bit more rather than keeping the BABIES out?

And their solution -- use the family changing room. Of course. Because having naked women AND men together is MUCH MORE APPROPRIATE.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For The New Baby!

What do you really need for a new baby? I mean when you already have 1 child, so you've gotten all of the basic stuff?

Not too much. Maybe a double stroller. A new set of bedroom furniture.

But not too much else...unless you have an Aunt who is *very* Aunt who insists that for the new baby what you really need is APPLIANCES! YES!

Welcome to our new dishwasher and refrigerator!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lil Lady Lydon

The big news from the Lydon household is we're expecting a new addition (and I guess a new edition!) to join us in March. Our lil lady is due March 4, and caught mama and dada a bit by surprise!! We are SO excited, but honestly were not expecting the stork to drop her off so easily -- we had to go through IUI with John, and had an appt all set up to start our next round, when I started feeling a bit pukey...and food sounded gross...and I thought 'hey, wait a sec...' (well, actually one of my dear friends said to me "Are you pregnant?" while we were at lunch and I wasn't diggin' my turkey sandwich, to which I said "No no no. Can't be. Haven't started round 2 yet.") But I guess this lil lady takes after her mama and just wants to get things done. For which I am already grateful!

Now when I say we were not expecting this...let me really paint the picture for you. I was at work, after that lunch with my friend, and contemplating what I was going to have for lunch when I was pretty sure nothing would ever sound good -- and for those of you who know me well, you know I am not one to shy away from fact one of my favorite lunchtime conversations is "What are we going to have for dinner?"

So I decided on my way to Panera I'd stop at the CVS and get a pregnancy test. Just to see. And that way I could take it in the Panera bathroom because our bathroom at work is SO GROSS that I could NOT subject this moment to that environment. So, I ordered my sandwich, and while waiting headed off to the bathroom. Took the test. And there was no hesitation in that bugger.


I smiled and laughed...headed out to get my sandwich...with my little secret all tucked away in my head and solely mine for just a couple of minutes. Then I called Tom, asked him if he was alone or in a meeting (alone, good), and told him the news.

He actually said, "How did that happen?" Yes, shocked.

And apparently I was about 2 months along, which projected me straight to the top of the OB's "What the heck have you been doing? You must come in TODAY!" list. Hee hee. VERY happy to report all is A-OK.

Please meet Lil Lady Lydon:

Friday, September 11, 2009


Splash splash splash.

"Is something leaking?"

Lemme check.

"John! Take you hand out of the toilet. And your cell phone."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Preparedness or trickery?

You need to be prepared. What if there's a flood? At night? And you need to be able to bring supplies to people who may be stranded in your living room? You just may need to wear rain-gear over your jammies while in a wagon. You never know.
Good thing we're practicing.
Or maybe your mama is just a little obsessed with cuteness and tricks you into these things.

Who knows.